Hey. I'm Michael

I'm a Swiss product designer currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. In the last ten years I designed digital products for early stage startups and large corporate organisations in the field of telecommunication, industrial engineering, real estate, crypto, semiconductors and automotive.

July 2023 - Now
Design Grantee
The focus of my designer grant is to explore and design new approaches to (collaborative) bitcoin custody and inheritance from a holistic perspective.  The goal is to help improve the user experience of bitcoin products such that more people can custody bitcoin safely and conveniently over years and decades in a way that fits their specific needs and context.
What I'm working on
Case studies and best practice documentation.
Research and evaluation of existing and new Bitcoin custody solutions.
Creating, prototyping and evaluating reference designs.
Contribute to the Bitcoin Design Guide, the Bitcoin UI Kit and other community projects.
Support projects and development teams in the space.
Jan 2022 - Jun 2023
Carma Project
Lead UX/UI Designer
At Carma Project I was the lead designer, responsible for all aspects of the design process for our internal and external products across a variety of platforms.
Main Responsibilities
Lead a small team of designers.
Planning and execution of UX research, validation and modelling.
Workflow design, conceptual design and visual design specifications.
Creating and maintain Figma design libraries for iOS, iPadOS and web.
Sep 2019 - Jan 2022
Broadcom Inc
Senior UX Designer
At Broadcom I was responsible for all aspects of the design process for two products. Ranging from initial design thinking workshops and prototyping to visual design specifications and contributing to the Mainframe Software Division design system.
Main Responsibilities
Planning and execution of usability studies as well as quantitative UX research to inform the creation of user personas.
Leading interviews and design thinking workshops with customers.
Workflow design, conceptual design and visual design specifications for development in cross-functional, agile teams.
Contribute to the internal design system and lead the creation of the Figma and Axure asset libraries.
Nov 2018 - Sep 2019
Swisscom Blockchain
Senior UX Designer
At Swisscom Blockchain I was responsible for all aspects of the design process, ranging from initial design thinking workshops to visual design specifications. We worked on customer projects as well as our own products.
Main Responsibilities
Plan and execute User Centered Design workshops with customers.
Prototyping and visual design  for multiple (experimental) products.
Creating interactive prototypes for user testing and product demos.
Sep 2017 - Dec 2018
Elea Labs
UX & Design Lead
Elea Labs was founded in late 2017 as a spin-off of Reamis.  I designed the company’s main product: A real estate management system based on blockchain technology for the consumer market.

In addition, I designed the company’s first two products: an ICO fundraising web platform and the Elea iOS wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet. I was also leading the development of both products.
Main Responsibilities
UX Research
Process Design
Prototyping and visual design.
Sep 2017 - Dec 2018
Reamis AG
UX & Design Lead
At Reamis, my main task was to redesign an entire web application used by institutional customers to manage large real estate portfolios, typically between CHF 200 million and 2 billion in size.

I was also involved in shaping the organisational and development setup, coordinating on-site and remote development teams.
Main Responsibilities
Deliver visual design specifications and lead a remote development team during the implementation phase.
Define and prioritize development sprints and work with the management team to align business and development priorities.
Support the management team in defining the organisational setup and processes for product development.
Sep 2014- Aug 2017
UX Designer
As a user experience designer at Swisscom I worked on a number of large and small projects for Swisscom’s online and multichannel applications.

In 2017 I was the lead designer during the implementation and launch of Swisscom’s inOne product portfolio in the online systems.
Main Responsibilities
Gathering and consolidating business requirements and requirements engineering using User Centered Design methods.
Creating storyboards, flowcharts and low fidelity prototypes/wireframes to map out end-to-end user journeys.
Creating complex, high-fidelity prototypes for user testing, using Axure RP. Deliver visual design specifications using Sketch.
Sep 2011- Sep 2014
Project Manager
As a project manager I was leading projects whose goal was to increase online sales and/or sales conversion in the online channel.
Main Responsibilities
In my own projects I responsible for all aspects of a project. From developing the business case and defining the project scope, through stakehoder management, coordinating technical feasibilty, implementation, testing, market rollout all the way to defining and reporting success metrics and KPIs.
In larger, company-wide projects, I was coordinating all aspects and activities for the online channel, from design, feasibility and technical implementation  to stakeholder management and market launch.