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Multichannel Order Handling Systems Redesign

Swisscom Schweiz, 2015-2017
The Challenge
During my time at Swisscom, Switzerland's national telco carrier, I lead the design, implementation and launch of their inOne product line into the online systems. 

The project was challenging because it spanned across many departments and parallel work streams that operated on a very short timeline. It touched almost every online system, from the public website to the customer center to the product configuration and order handling systems, to name just a few. Frequent (re-)prioritization and scoping decisions over multiple releases were a challenge to software delivery.

The project required (re-)engineering of business, order and support processes. We went through multiple iterations of information architecture design and design of a new product configuration UI for broadband services, testing them as often as we could, given the timeline.
My Role
I was the lead designer on the project, responsible for coordinating a team of four designers, communication within our own department and one of the “online channel” representatives in the overall project organisation. I was also designing the product configuration and order handling part. 

As part of multiple end-to-end user tests, I created various complex prototypes, spanning the entire user journey across all involved systems. I would also deliver visual design specifications and work with multiple agile teams for implementation.